Tell me more about the Café Plus Workshop

Our informative and interactive Café Plus workshop describes the Café Plus concept in detail—most importantly, how it can benefit your organization.

Bringing a Café to your community

The appeal of the corner café or coffee shop is universal. It cuts across racial, gender, age, and socioeconomic lines. It’s typically a place where everyone comes together, whether to do lunch, hang out, grab a quick bite, chat with staff, visit neighbors, attend events, meet, greet, grow, and learn.

More than 180 organizations from 138 cities in 34 states and six foreign countries have attended Café Plus workshops.

  • Why should I attend?

  • Reach Active, “Younger” Older Adults
    Older adults who don’t see themselves as old and choose not to frequent traditional senior venues. People of all ages come to a café. The Café Plus concept does not focus on age-specific needs and activities, but rather on interest driven activities and programs.
  • Increase Awareness & Visibility
    Your brand and your style of service will be introduced to your community in a positive, non-threatening manner. It’s tasty food, lifelong learning programs, fitness, and social connections with a diverse group of active people!
  • Extend Your Marketing Reach—Without Adding to Your Budget!
    The Café Plus model provides continual presence of your brand as an active, positive force within the community, enabling you to gain wider recognition through enthusiastic word-of-mouth among “younger” older adults. That’s the best—and least expensive— marketing!

  • Ready to start your own Café Plus?

  • Join us for an intensive three-day workshop where you will:
  • Visit Mather’s–More Than a Café locations as well as a Without Walls location
  • Learn how to identify market needs and measure customer satisfaction, participation, and involvement;
  • Get tips on budgeting and staff training; and much more!
  • For the 2016 workshop only, you’ll also hear lessons learned from a panel of representatives from five organizations that have successfully launched a Café Plus in their community. Organizations include
  • Ethel & Maud’s Table – Clark-Lindsey
  • Birt’s Bistro at Benevilla – Benevilla
  • SOPREMA Senior Center & Café – City of Wadsworth, Ohio
  • Carrie’s Café at LifeCare Alliance – LifeCare Alliance
  • Evergreen Café – Salt Lake County Aging & Adult Services
  • Campbell Street Café  – Pines Villages Retirement Communities
  • Included in the workshop fee—receive the Café Plus How-To Manual with valuable templates designed to help you create a Café from the ground up.
  • Register today!