An eternal spirit of generosity and Innovation

Helping others is how it all began

Mather LifeWays was founded in 1941 by Alonzo Mather, a well-regarded humanitarian, lifelong inventor, and innovative entrepreneur.

The Mather Foundation started out with a bequest from our founder, Alonzo. His directions were to use his fortune to create a home for “ladies of refinement” who had lost their incomes when their husbands passed away. Over the years, we have grown in many ways, from building residences to our nationally recognized Institute on Aging, but remain focused on Alonzo’s original vision of helping older adults Age Well.SM

inspiring words from Alonzo mather...

In my life, I have never stood still. We Mathers never do. I have kept on with new ideas, projects, and visions.

Alonzo’s passion and creativity fuels our future

Mather LifeWays is continually applying the lessons learned from our founder. We continue to value and seek inventive thinking, both within our organization as well as in our industry. We continually invest in our organization’s future by growing our three areas of service: senior living residences, neighborhood-based programs, and research. And we strive to share innovative ideas, best practices, and collaborative insights that can help improve aging services.

Mather LifeWays: Aging Well for more than 75 years

Alonzo Mather’s spirit of innovation has guided Mather LifeWays unwavering mission of finding new ways for older adults to Age Well.

  • 1941Alonzo Mather passes away, leaving a $6.2 million ($100 million in today’s dollars) charitable trust to establish The Mather Home (now known as Mather LifeWays).
  • 1952The Mather Home for Aged Ladies opens in Evanston, Illinois.
  • 1989Mather Place of Wilmette opens in Wilmette, Illinois.
  • 1990The Mather Foundation assumes sponsorship of The Georgian in Evanston.
  • 1999Two new areas of service are established—Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging and Community Initiatives.
  • 2000The first Mather’s—More Than a Café opens in Chicago.
  • 2006Splendido opens in Tucson, Arizona.
  • 2009The Mather opens in Evanston.

Ways to #AgeWell

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