Transforming communities,
one concept at a time

What’s the Café Plus concept?

From the street, a Café Plus could be any attractive, busy restaurant within a community. But look closer—it’s More Than a Café. The award-winning Café Plus concept is designed to attract active, younger-older adults (age 50 and better) by providing fun and educational, wellness-related programs and activities.

The Café Plus experience might start with a cup of coffee, but the possibilities are endless once a customer walks in the door. In addition to full-service restaurant menus, lifelong learning programs are offered in areas such as computers, yoga, writing, wellness, and more.

As a service provider, whether you’re building a new space or updating an existing “senior center,” the Café Plus model can help improve the quality of service you bring to your community. 


Using the Café Plus concept

Organizations across the United States and the globe have implemented the Café Plus concept in some way, shape, or form. Whether they were updating an existing senior center and its programs, building a free-standing Café Plus model from the ground-up, incorporating into a senior living community, or simply implementing a Café Plus “Without Walls” concept—all have achieved strong outreach, engagement, and more. As a result of implementing new ideas, sharing the Café Plus concept with other organizations, and/or continuing to think outside the box, Mather’s—More Than a Café locations have grown and been enhanced.

  • By the numbers – organizations that have applied the Café Plus concept:

  • 65% increased community outreach and engagement
  • 57% offer different types of classes and programs
  • 57% increased customer engagement and involvement
  • 46% re-trained staff on customer service techniques
  • 38% enhanced culinary services
  • 38% are utilizing new marketing techniques

  • Bottom-line results we’ve seen within our own locations include:

  • Lifelong learning participation has grown, and we’ve become better at finding unique offerings responding to customer interests.
  • The amount of customer engagement and customer-directed programs has grown, including trip leaders, Laughter Yoga, writers’ group, online writers’ blog, Tax Aides, S.H.I.P. counselors, “Seniors Portraying Legends,” chorus, Arthritis Exercise Class, and more!
  • Mather’s—More Than a Café volunteers have shifted from “doing for” to “doing with”.
  • Mather’s—More Than a Café locations are growing as community  partners, serving  as “hubs” for important programs such as “Staying Put, Staying Rented,” Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, Parkinson’s Support Group, transportation programs, Prime Time Sister Circles, business “expos”, and more!
  • In a society and shifting demographic where age is a number, we’ve been able to evolve into an ageless market, making for endless possibilities in marketing.